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Capital Traction Company 09

McGuire Manufacturing Company, 1899
Washington, D.C.

Principal Features

  • Snow sweeper
  • Double ended
  • Single truck
  • Built in 1899


Capital Transit Company (CTCo) transferred thirty-five snow sweepers to D.C. Transit System (DCTS) in 1956. The Museum preserves DCTS 09 as CTCo 09, one of ten snow sweepers purchased on account for Washington Traction and Electric (WTE) from the McGuire Manufacturing Company in 1899. WTE suffered foreclosure in 1901 with properties conveyed February 4, 1902 to the Washington Railway and Electric Company (WRECo). Reacting to an order of the District Electric Railway Commission, WRECo enclosed the sweepers' open vestibules. With the merger of Capital Traction and WRECo in 1933, these ten sweepers became CTCo 06 through CTCo 15.
The sweepers were equipped with rotating brooms of bamboo reeds which throw snow to the right side of the track. CTCo posted Duties of Motormen and Barnmen on Snow Sweepers on each car. "Motormen will be governed by the regulations and schedules applying to the operation of a passenger car, but must bear in mind that they are handling an extraordinary piece of machinery that should be at all times under absolute control...When horses standing in the street show signs of fright, notify barnman to stop brooms and wait for someone to go ahead and hold horses...Care must be used not to throw snow or slush on pedestrians...Notify barnman when to run and when to stop running the brooms...Barnmen do not run brooms except when necessary."
In 2012, the Museum acquired CTCo 09 from the Rockhill Trolley Museum whose volunteers saved the car in 1962 and restored its appearance in 1999.
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