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Toronto Transit Commission
(TTC) 4602 & 4603

Canadian Car and Foundry, Limited &
St. Louis Car Company, 1951
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Principal Features

  • Double truck, Single end PCC city car
  • Trucks: Clark B-2
  • Motors: Four WH 1432J
  • Westinghouse control
  • All-electric operation


On November 7, 1950 St. Louis Car Company commenced shipment of the body shells to Canadian Car and Foundry Company for completion as Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) 4500-4549, class A-8. When the last body left St. Louis on February 9, 1951, it remained only for the final Boston (Pullman-Standard) and San Francisco orders to be completed before the last Presidents' Conference Committee (PCC) street car was built in North America.
In reaffirmation of Toronto's love affair with its Red Rockets (PCC street cars) and to cater to a sudden upswing in ridership as well as the new Harbourfront line, a study was undertaken in late 1984 regarding a PCC rebuilding program. The rebuilding was even more extensive than that done in the 'seventies. The body was essentially remanufactured with new side sills, bolsters, window posts, frame members, and side skin, in some cases of heavier steel. Only the roof was original. The trucks, motors and all electrical components were rebuilt and all wiring replaced. All the wiring between the front and middle of the car was relocated in a sealed conduit in the side sill instead of beneath the car floor. Cream ceilings, brown window areas, bright red Canadian Light Rail Vehicle (CLRV)-style seating, wood-grained laminates below the windows, and marbled light gray flooring graced the interior. Renumbered TTC 4600 through 4618, the cars sported the original dark red with cream livery and the old TTC logo and numerals.
In November, 1995 the TTC decided to retire all but the two "tour tram" PCC cars. The reasons for the sudden demise of the PCC car in Toronto after 57 years included; 1) declining ridership, 2) having sufficient CLRVs and ALRVs to maintain existing routes and the new Spadina Avenue line, and 3) achieving a standardized fleet without maintaining a separate spare parts inventory for just nineteen cars.
Museum member James Hogan purchased TTC 4603 and gave it to the Museum in 1996.
The Museum purchased TTC 4602 from the Lake Shore Electric Railway in the fall of 2009.
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