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Discover Streetcar History

Through Our Collections

Our Street Car Collection

Tour Street Car Hall with one of our docents and learn about street car history. See how street cars changed over the years and learn why they didn't all take passengers! Do you know where your electricity comes from? It most probably used to be the street car company.
When you take a ride on the street car, you are traveling on an historical vehicle - our newest street car is more than 40 years old! Here's more information about each of our street cars.

Street Cars Go to the Movies

One of our most attractive exhibits is a series of clips from the silent movies of Harold Lloyd. While you are waiting for your street car ride, spend a few minutes in our movie theater and see how popular street cars were in the early 20th century. Watch master comedian Lloyd perform all of his own stunt work, but also think about why movies and streetcars were such a good mix. The huge movie theaters were the first public places to be air conditioned and street cars provided an easy way to get there on a Saturday afternoon; remember, most of the population did not have automobiles for personal transportation.

Trolley By Golly

On the weekends, plan to spend time watching "Trolley by Golly," a 12 minute film that fits in nicely between street car rides. This is a richly illustrated account about the development of street car transportation - from horses to electricity and the attractive employment opportunities that it presented.