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1958 DC Street Car Map

The above map shows Street Car Trackage in Washington, D.C. and the Maryland Suburbs as it existed before the final set of abandonments began on September 7, 1958.
Further abandonments were carried out on January 3, 1960, December 3, 1961, and finally January 28, 1962. During that period of time, NCTM car 766 participated in many farewell trips, including final runs to Glen Echo, and Mt. Pleasant.
In the wee hours of Sunday, January 28, 1962 preceded by Museum cars 1101 and 1053, car 766 entered the Navy Yard Car Barn for the last time, and Washington's Street Cars became history.
For more information on the final years of streetcars in Washington, D.C. see Peter Kohler's Capital Transit: Washington's Street Cars: The Final Years 1933-1962.
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