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VISIT Details about when we are open (days, hours), our location, and admission fees.
HOURS 12 noon to 5 pm every Saturday & Sunday except December 24,25, and 31 and January 1. Use this link to see when we are also open on Thursdays and Fridays (10 am to 2 pm) for six to eight weeks in Spring, Summer and Fall.
LOCATION 1313 Bonifant Road, Colesville, MD 20905-5955. Telephone: 301-384-6088.
ADMISSION $5 for children (2-18) & seniors (65+) $7 for adults.
UPCOMING PROGRAMS In general, there is a special exhibit or program each month.
FIELD TRIPS Information for teachers, camp counselors and home-school groups.
PARTIES Find out how to host a party here - what we have available, what you supply, what it costs (party room, street car charter), and how to make the arrangements. Birthday parties are quite popular.
MUSEUM SHOP Includes information for mail-orders on books.
RAILWAY A description of our railroad - 1 mile into the woods and back.
STREETCARS A list of all of our street cars and links to images and descriptions of each (includes those that are in or awaiting restoration).
COMMUNITIES Short pieces about how streetcars were a major force in development of suburban communities in the first part of the 20th century.
TROLLEY MUSEUMS Links to other streetcar museums in the US and Canada.
PARTNERS Recognition of our supporters.
MEMBERS Membership application form and, for our Volunteers, a link to the Operations schedule.
VOLUNTEERS Information about becoming a volunteer and the various types of activities where volunteers are especially welcome. The staffing schedule for streetcar operations is found under Members.
HOME Return to our opening page.

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